Videographer - Photographer

The world loves videos and we're not exception.  We're looking for someone that has experience capturing videos during our trips.  Something to be shared on our social media channels and occasionally on Television when we get interview requests.  This can include events in Phoenix, on the bus as well as at Snowbowl.  This position is limited by your vision and capabilities.  We love creative types and we generally give them free rein, just look at our T-Shirts!

Same holds true for Photographer, memories are best told by photos, so we're looking for talented photographers that enjoy capturing all that life has to offer, especially the adventures we hold.

We don't pay, in fact we keep our rates so low by avoiding payroll, we do provide compensated trips to Snowbowl as well as other perks.  Let us know if you are interested, we look forward to having you on our team!


Because we do all the work while you have all the fun!

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