About The Trip

Can I rent equipment at Snowbowl?

If you're anything like us, you want to make the first chair and the last. You certainly can rent your equipment at the Lodge when we arrive, but we recommend you save time by going to Ski Pro. We've partnered with them to get you a 20% discount when you show them your paid ticket, not only do you get more runs you, but you save money!

Where do I meet the bus in the morning?

We have three pick up locations in the valley. There is one at Tempe Marketplace, second stop is Desert Ridge (near JoAnn's)  and last one at Happy Valley Towne Center (near Mountainside Fitness).

Does the bus stop on the way back?

No, we are non-stop on the way home so we recommend packing a snack to fuel you after an amazing day.

Is there a bathroom on the bus?

Yes, we have a bathroom on the bus and there are several in Snowbowl.

Can I bring snacks?

We encourage this, we get hungry after a full day on the slopes and we’re betting you do too.

Can I drink on the bus?

Yes, but no glass containers, please. Containers that can be closed when not drinking are our favorites.

What can I do with my things while I’m off having fun?

The bus is accessible for most of the day, so you are welcome to leave it on the bus. There are also lockers also available for rent at the resort. We do want you to know that no one will be watching your stuff when it’s on the bus, we’re all out enjoying the snow!

Is the bus open all day?

It is open to ALEX riders as long as the driver is there. Please keep in mind the driver will leave from time to time to stretch their legs and get a bite to eat.

At what age can kids ride without a parent?

Kids 14 years and older can ride as long as their parent drops them off at the bus pick-up location. We will be out having a good time, so we won’t be watching your teenager, but we won’t leave the mountain without them.

What happens if I get hurt on the mountain?

If you are hurt, tell Ski Patrol you are with Alpine Express or call the Captain. More often then not, you’ll be able to ride the bus home. If not, we’ll do what we can to make sure you get home.

Does the bus have Wi-Fi?

Yes, WiFi is available on the bus as well as electrical outlets at the seats.

Will there be movies on the bus?

Sometimes. It’s up to the bus Captain, but you are welcome to bring a PG-13 movie to share.

Does the bus stop on the way home for dinner?

No, we’re all about getting home safely and quickly! Having said that, we recommend you bring a snack for the ride home!

What time will the bus be back?

Our goal is to be back at Happy Valley Towne Center around 7:00, Desert Ridge around 7:30 and at the Tempe Marketplace around 8:00. However, traffic and weather have a big influence on the speed of the bus. The Captain will announce your estimated arrival time 30 minutes in advance just in case you need to have someone pick you up.

What time do the lifts start?

Most of the season, the lifts start at 9 am. Near the end of the season, they will begin to start at 10 am, and we’ll adjust our departure time accordingly.

When do the lifts stop for the day?

The last chair is at 4 pm and we ask everyone to be back at the bus at 4:15 so we can avoid traffic coming off the mountain.

What happens if I lose my lift ticket?

If you bought a ticket from us and then misplaced it, please reach out to your Captain. They have a plan to get you a new one and void the old one.

Where will the bus be during and at the end of the day?

The same place it dropped you off at, near the Fremont Lodge.

What time does the bus leave Snowbowl?

Our goal is to leave no later than 4:20, if everyone is back early, we leave early. If you're the last person on the bus and we leave late, don’t expect to be voted MVP. Please be on time.

Can I smoke or vape on the bus?


Is there an ATM at Snowbowl?

Yes, there's one at Hart Prairie Lodge and one at Agassiz Lodge, both downstairs.

Where can I eat at Snowbowl?

There are three restaurants on-site: Hart Prairie, Agassiz, and the newest addition, Fremont.

Is there a bar at Snowbowl?

Yes, three of them, next to the restaurants at each lodge.

What are the conditions at Snowbowl?

Since it changes weekly, please check the snow report before the trip (https://www.snowbowl.ski/snow-report/?open=lift-and-trail-report)

Ski bikes look really cool, can I rent one in Snowbowl?

Yep, just head to the Hart Prairie rental center after you get off the bus.

How do I sign up for lessons?

We recommend doing that on-line in advance in order to avoid lines. If you forgot (don’t worry, we do that too), head to the Ski School at the Hart Prairie Lodge.

Is there Wi-Fi in Snowbowl?

Yes, but the connection might be spotty.

Can I stay in Flagstaff overnight?

Yes, however, you have to provide your own transportation down from the mountain and your own accommodations. If you choose to ride ALEX back the next day (and we would appreciate it!), you’ll have to pay extra. Please let your Captain know if you are in fact staying in Flagstaff overnight so they don’t look for you at the end of the day.

Can I ride back on the bus but not ride up in the morning?

Yes, there is a separate fee for that, please call us to make arrangements.

Can I catch a different ride home after taking the bus in the morning?

Yes, just let your Captain know so we’re not wondering where you are at the end of the day.

What is your Wind/Mountain Hold Policy?

This is when the wind is too strong to safely operate the lifts. We won't know about this before leaving Phoenix. In the past we wait a couple of hours to see if it clears, before noon we will decide if it's best to return to the valley. If you don't receive a lift ticket, you will be refunded for the lift ticket. Unfortantely we're unable to refund for transportation.

Want to learn more about Flagstaff?

Check out our Friends at Flagstaff.com.

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