Alpine Express Unlimited

You've been asking and we're answering.  For the first time during the Covid Season of 2020/21, we're offering in a limited quantity the Alpine Express  Unlimited

What is the Alpine Express Unlimited?

Well, it's a season pass for riding the bus to Snowbowl from Phoenix.  One price at the beginning of the season and you can make an unlimited reservation on our bus to Snowbowl.  When we go, you can go.  This does not include a lift ticket, we're expecting that since you are going quite a bit, you'll get a Snowbowl season pass.

What are the restrictions?

Hmm, can't think of any.  We do recommend you make a reservation, if you show up and we're out of seats, we're sorry, so make reservations (we'll tell you how when you buy).

Why are you selling a limited number?

We just want to make sure we can meet our customers expectations, if we sell too many than we may have to turn some of you away, so we used a slide ruler, some spreadsheets, did some projections, had a meeting or two, and came up with a number, then chopped it in half!

What if I have other questions?

Just ask, drop us a note, give us a call, send smoke signals, we love talking to you.

Super Pass

Super Pass


Because we do all the work while you have all the fun!

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